About the [web]comic project …

Eggy (comics author) and Jacky (comic artist) with anteater Anatoll, artwork by Jacky

Starting July 2017, we will post a monthly episode of our webcomic Maggie McFearsome and the Giant Anteater.

This is what the story is about:


Imaginative yet buffeted by life, Maggie McFearsome is a talented illustrator of moderate financial success.

Dumped by a live-in boyfriend who suddenly moves out, Maggie struggles to get a grip on life again. Here she finds support with her friends as well as in Arnold, a mysterious Giant Anteater with special abilities who moves in with Maggie as a flat-mate. After some misunderstandings, a great many obstacles and a surreal concert of awesomely mind-bending proportions, Maggie and Arnold become a couple.

Eyes a-twinkle, the fantasto-romantic comedy fuses reality and fiction by interweaving life in San Francisco in the early 1990s with a parallel universe of mythological phantasia.


Curious about Maggie and Arnold?

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Eggy & Jacky





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